By : C.P Ching

Up and coming rap maven W.M.L 李杰明 collabs with labelmate Vicky Chen 陳忻玥
(SKR Presents) on a unique new track called “Fiery Love 炙愛 ”.

​It is an “anti-Valentine” song that portrays a couple’s inability to walk away from thier relationship, despite knowing that they are not suitable for each other.  They remain together for underlying reasons; perhaps out of habit or the fear of being alone. The couple feels trapped but  does not have the courage to go their separate ways.Overall “Fiery Love” is an intense yet unique track that captures the imagination of its’ listeners, by flawlessly blending two very different musical styles together.

W.M.L is a hip-hop artist known for his intense upbeat rap style, meanwhile Chen is more recognized for her soothing vocals in the fresh folk realm of Mandopop music.  The deliberate pairing of these two conflicting images emphasizes on the story being showcased in the song.   For those unfamiliar, Vicky Chen is a new artist under Taiwan based record label; SKR Presents. She has gained some notoriety for her unique vocals with songs such as “Smokescreen” going viral.

Fiery Love” is officially Chen ’s first featured song after signing on with SKR.On the other hand, W. M. L is an up-and-coming rapper who started off in the underground scene and gained prominence as an internet rapper before signing on with SKR. 

He is known for his intensely-fast rapping abilities and is regarded as a rap genius by many. Some may know him from his other works including tracks such as “No Turning back” or a feature in R.Chord’s 謝和弦  I’m Not Your Prince Charming.”

Links for the song can be found here: http://www.soundscape.net/a/2792

Artists social links:
李杰明 W.M.L IG: https://www.instagram.com/wmlhiphop/
SKRpresents IG: https://www.instagram.com/skrpresents/
​陳忻玥 Vicky Chen IG: https://www.instagram.com/vickychenmu.