Established in 2010, Asian Pop Weekly has since cemented it’s place as one of the only English-language platforms that specialises in reportings on Mandarin popular music.

Informed by a multitude of disciplines and perspectives both practical and theoretical, diverse and with an ear to the ground; Asian Pop Weekly exists between cultural, disciplinary and national boundaries precisely to demonstrate the possibilities that exist when you look beyond our differences.

We are obsessed with the notion of bringing Mandarin and Asian music to the world as a means of bridging cultural divides; unearthing the best of what the scene has to offer and presenting it to Western audiences in ways that intrigue yet foster understanding.

We strive to produce fully independent, informed and intelligent content about the artists and topics we love; nothing more, nothing less.

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Our Team

Jocelle Koh

Founder and Head Editor

The founder of Asian Pop Weekly and self-titled C-Pop guru, Jocelle discovered her passion for Mandarin music through an upbringing divided between time spent in Singapore and Australia. How she ended up having an affinity with Mandarin music is a mystery to many, but her thirst for knowledge and passion for bridging gaps has informed the foundation of Asian Pop Weekly today. As a music industry professional who has dabbled in everything from journalism and artist management to digital distribution, she wears a lot of hats; all in the name of bringing the music she loves to those who find it foreign.

Matt Taylor

Editor and Writer

Originally from Wales, Matt was introduced to the world of Mandopop after accidentally stumbling upon Jolin Tsai’s Bravo Lover 愛無赦 in 2007. Ever since, he has been dedicated to learning the ins and outs of pop music from the Chinese speaking world. Matt moved to Taiwan in 2014, and used every opportunity he could to listen to new music and attend concerts. Matt has an MA in Taiwan Studies from SOAS (University of London), and has written and spoken extensively in an academic context about Taiwanese pop music. Outside of Mandopop, Matt has a penchant for Pokémon, and he considers himself an expert on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Allison Sun

Designer and Webmaster

Allison is a Taiwanese-American designer, creative technologist, and lover of all things music. She grew up playing piano and going to concerts of a variety of musical genres, ultimately gaining a deep appreciation for the expressivity and boundless reaches of music. After her extended stay in Asia in the summer of 2018, she fell in love with the music there, the people, the culture, and the camaraderie, which spurred her passion for Asian music. Currently, she is especially interested in the intersections of technology, music, and art. 


Writer and Lyric Translator

Originally from the UK but currently based in Taipei, Sinead began listening to Mandarin-language music as a study tool. This soon developed into a fully fledged Li Ronghao obsession, fed by YouTube recommendations and copious KTV visits. When not listening to music, she is also passionate about language learning, travelling and eating.

Tiffany Chan

Executive Assistant and Writer

Tiffany breathes Mandopop. Being born in Taiwan but raised in California, Tiffany has always felt a strong emotional connection to the compositions of heart-wrenching Mandopop ballads. As a Rainie Yang fan spanning over two decades, Tiffany has seamlessly evolved into a well-informed Mandarin popular music enthusiast. Her endless curiosity towards the music scene became her ticket to enriching opportunities and paved the way for lifelong friendships worldwide. The unintentional influence of Mandarin music enabled Tiffany to maintain her Mandarin language skills effortlessly as an Asian-American. Besides regularly tuning in to Rainie Yang, Eric Chou, LaLa Hsu, A-Lin, Hebe Tien, and numerous Asian acts, Tiffany enjoys covering her favourite songs, composing music, discovering new artists, archery, travelling, and photography.

​Raymond Hiew

Uploading Coordinator

Being born in Malaysia and having been raised in Australia for more than half of his life, Raymond has always loved listening to and enjoying C-Pop music whenever and wherever he might be. Growing up, he had always found solace through music, even when as a child listening to his parents play old cassette tapes of Teresa Teng, Fei Yu-Ching and Sam Hui over the radio. Through such influences, Raymond has always sought to develop his knowledge and understanding of Chinese culture, particularly the Mandarin language. Beyond music and his day job, Raymond loves a casual jam session on his guitar and enjoys dabbling in a variety of creative outlets such as film, radio and comedy. 

C.P. Ching

Album Review Contributor

C.P Ching is originally from Hong Kong but has lived in Canada for most of his life. His passion for C-pop gradually grew after he began to explore the world of Chinese music, artists, and culture many years ago. It has played a vital in inspiring him to learn Mandarin and become a contributor for Asian Pop Weekly. Outside of music, C.P has a huge passion for sports, video games, digital media and considers himself a constant learner. It is still a work in progress but he hopes to become a polyglot someday.

​Stella Soon

Feature and News Contributor

​Born and bred in Singapore, Stella’s interest in Mandopop started when her parents bought her a C-Pop compilation CD a decade ago. After years of hitting ‘repeat’ on Spotify’s Mandopop playlists, she now knows the tune to almost every JJ Lin song in existence. When the university student isn’t enthusing about the latest Mandopop song, you can find her jamming on the piano, cajon, or writing away.

Junedy Lim

Lyric Translator

Malaysian-born Singaporean Junedy is a celebrated harpist and pianist, has appeared as a guest artist in many symphonic orchestras, high profile government, corporate and wedding events which include the British, Saudi Arabian, Malaysia Royal Families, President & First Lady of the USA and Singapore. She has participated in both classical and pop music recordings most notably involving the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra and many others. She has also dabbled in lyric writing (for Hafabra Music Europe) and music arrangement for Kit Chan. Occasionally, she performs alongside local singers Tay Kewei, Alfred Sim, Tay Kexin to name a few. She is also actively involved in commercial jingles for brands such as Shokubutsu and other major banks, and teaches music and translates lyrics during her free time.