Everywhere and Nowhere

An online radio show featuring all the sounds that inspire us to keep championing for a world without musical borders

About the Show

Inspired by Asian Pop Weekly founder Jocelle’s experience as a third culture kid and Asian Pop Weekly’s nomadic philosophy towards music, the show will play music from across Asia and the world; anything that inspires us to keep championing for a world without musical borders.

The name ‘Everywhere and Nowhere’ is derived from a quote by Maya Angelou which reads:

“You only are free when you realise you belong no place – you belong every place – no place at all”

Of the inspiration behind the show’s theme and name, Jocelle says:

“I feel as a third culture kid who has experienced life in many places around the world, I’ve been everywhere but also belong nowhere. Likewise, my musical taste feels like a tasting platter of ‘everywhere’ – yet I’m nowhere near to scratching the surface of many of the sounds I’ve unearthed. However I’ve learnt to take pride in being both ‘Everywhere and Nowhere’- and I hope this show continues to be an extension of this attitude to anyone who feels the same way.”

► Hosted every last Thursday of the month 9pm-12am SGT
► Replays airing every week
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