Translations provided by 安 道 衛(David Ambrose)

Lyricist : Xu Wei
Composer : Xu Wei

沒有什麼能夠阻擋 nothing can occlude

你對自由的嚮往 the freedom you seek

天馬行空的生涯 unbridled, your mind will soar

你的心了無牽掛 run with the aetherial coursers of the air

穿過幽暗的歲月 alone, you have spent dark nights of despair

也曾感到彷徨 trembled at its choices

當你低頭地瞬間 but lowering your sights

才發覺腳下的路 you recognize the path you tread lies within

心中那自由地世界 within you lies that freedom revealing itself

如此的清澈高遠 a bright uplifting plain

盛開著永不凋零 unfold now

藍蓮花 your Lotus of imperishable Blue