By Jocelle Koh


或許沒有感覺 或許假裝不妥協 Maybe with no feelings Maybe pretending to compromise
我願為你一廂情願 不顧一切的直到永遠 I am willing to do anything for you Not caring about anything until forever
這是關於著迷的表現 This is to do with my fascination

或許過度溺愛太過病態 Maybe too much love can be sick
或許我還不明白 Maybe I still don’t understand
快 過來 別猜 Quick come here don’t guess
看 沒有 隱瞞 See There’s nothing being hidden
嘿 不要 走開 Hey don’t go away
喔 停止 冷戰 Oh Stop Cold War

或許沒有永遠 或許短暫不明確 Maybe there isn’t forever Maybe short term is not so clear cut
我願陪你赤腳跳躍 不願膽怯及任何威脅 I am willing to accompany you legs swinging Am timid and reluctant to any threat
這是關於親密的語言 This is to do with our intimate language

或許虛構憤怒是表達愛 Maybe Fiction and anger is a way of showing love
或許我還不明白 Maybe I still don’t understand
快 過來 別猜 Quick come and don’t guess
看 沒有 隱瞞 Look there’s nothing hidden
嘿 不要 走開 hey don’t walk away
喔 聽話 要乖 Oh Listen to me Be good

遇見你像發現另一個自己Meeting you is like finding another version of myself
偏執又反覆無常的古怪脾氣 Paranoia once again repeats abnormal tempers
任性是依賴的權利 rebelliousness is the privilege of dependence
確認愛存在的謎 The mystery that determines the presence of love

the way that we were running in the night
the way that we were walking in the morning
your smile,I’ll remember
we heard silences

我們簡單美好的呼喚 Our simple and beautiful breaths
勝過短篇小說浪漫 Win against the romance of short stories