By Jocelle Koh

詞:小寒 曲:蔡健雅

我的虛榮 我的詞窮 尷尬面孔 My vanity My loss for words Awkward face
委屈笑容 怎麼不同 唯有你懂 Burdened smile Why is it different Only you would understand

異類的同類 眼淚 和汗水 Strange species Tears and sweat
快樂或頹廢 只為 有你陪 Happiness or decadence I only have you to accompany

你我同屬 一種生物 You and I are from the same species
用肌膚 掩飾住 真面目Using our skins to conceal our true selves
你是誰不清楚 默契確認無誤 Who you are I’m not sure But our chemistry is undeniable
好無助 好可惡 在何處 So helpless So terrible Where is it
I don’t know where to find you 唉(ey)
I don’t know where to find you 唉 (ey)
I’ll find you find you
I’ll find you find you

城市牢籠 無所適從 寂寞慫恿The city’s a prison It’s all lost Loneliness is encouraged
總會相逢 與我相同 相同品種 We will meet someday Same as me The same type

異類的同類 你會 是結尾 Strange species you will be the end 
快樂或頹廢 只為 這一回Happiness or decadence Only for this round