By Jocelle Koh


还不清楚  Still not sure
什么是真是假 What is real and what isn’t
还不知道 何时太阳忽然会来 I still don’t know when the sun will suddenly come
该怎么办 竟然期待黑暗 What should I do since I anticipate the darkness
该怎么样 相信运气不会太坏 What should it be believing that luck won’t be too harsh

你和我之间的爱  The love me and you have
在不在磁场之外  Is not in the magnetic field of attraction
要追求一种平淡 还是要一种绚烂 Wanting to chase after a kind of dullness or wanting a kind of beauty
烧得像场火灾 天时地利才来 Maybe its like a field of fire coming only at the right time and place
日复一日的提问 我 还没有答案 day after day of questions I  still have no answer

来太快了  it’s come too fast
反而不真实了 And instead has become unreal
太感动了 反而害怕要消失了 Too many emotions will instead make us worried of disappearing
不敢眨一眨眼 怕你转身不见 Afraid to blink an eye Scared that you will disappear when I turn around
每个瞬间 都想拍下当作纪念 Every moment I wish to take a picture and record it as a memory

你和我之间的爱  The love between you and me
是不是一场意外 Is it a kind of coincidence
绚烂之后的对白 脱下神秘的色彩 the confession that comes after the beauty stripping off the mysterious colours
会是变成习惯 还是完全推翻 Will it become a habit or cause a complete upturn
一生一次的奇幻 像是没有答案 A once in a lifetime miracle It’s like there is no answer

都为了爱 时时刻刻期盼 It’s all for love every minute and moment hoping
都为了爱 翻山越岭 该或不该 All for love moving mountains should I or should I not
为了怎样的爱  For what kind of love
我们计算失败 Can we calculate defeat
怎样的爱 值得我们这样等待what kind of love is worth us waiting like this

你和我之间的爱 是不是一场意外 The love between you and me is it just a coincidence
绚烂之后的对白 脱下神秘的色彩 The confession after the beauty stripping off the mysterious colours
会是变成习惯  Will become a habit
还是完全推翻 or completely upturn everything
极光虽然梦幻 却不能总在你身旁陪伴 Although the aurora seems mystical it cannot always be accompanying you at your side

日复一日的曙光 其实也变化多端 Day after day of dawn actually continues to change always
细水长流的平淡 也走过万水千山  steady and dull we are still able to walk far
绕过每个转弯 Winding along every curve
风景并不简单 The scenery is still not simple
我该当你的极光 还是你的答案 Should I be your aurora or your answer

我的答案 那么简单 My answer is that simple