By Jocelle Koh

詞:小寒 曲:蔡健雅 編曲: Tanya、Michael Pfirrmann

那就不堅持 只好這樣子 Then don’t persist It can only be like this
愛失去延續的價值 Love losing the value of lasting
你我既煉不成鑽石 像揉皺錫箔紙 You and I cannot be refined into diamond  Like crumpled foil
不夠奢侈 Not luxurious enough

和平不爭執 就放開彼此 Peace does not dispute Just let go of each other
是因為驕傲或潛意識 It is because of pride or subconscious
想假裝高尚的仁慈 真心話都禁止 Wanting to pretend to be noble and kind Honest talk ends here
不可一世Insufferably arrogant

我們總在 愛情裡死不悔改 We are always unrepentant in love
選擇苦捱 放逐他漂流人海 Choosing to battle it our and leave others to drift through seas of people
把想說的 變胡扯 Causing what we wanted to say to turn into baloney
一個個的失語者 Each of us people who have aphasia
But we are…
We are no better

當初的說辭 不適合彼此 The initial rhetoric Is not suitable for each other
只是藏匿懦弱的台詞 They are only staged lines to hide weakness
都怪我覺悟得太遲 結束了愛你才開始 Just blame me for regaining consciousness too late Finished while loving you has just started
如此諷刺 Such irony

總在愛情裡我看不明白 Always in love I don’t understand
既然有愛 好歹也說個明白 Since there is love we should at least try to talk it out
我嘲笑著 失敗者 I laugh at those defeated
是眼睜睜放手的 Who let go of love with their eyes wide open
But we are…no better