By Jocelle Koh

作詞:吳青峰 作曲:吳青峰 編曲:蘇打綠

 這是一首簡單的小情歌 this is a simple little love song
 唱著人們心腸的曲折 singing about the broken paths of people’s hearts
 我想我很快樂 當有你的溫熱 I think I am very happy when I am in the presence of your warmth
 腳邊的空氣轉了 the air around my limbs has changed
這是一首簡單的小情歌 this is a simple little love song
 唱著我們心頭的白鴿 where we sing about the pigeons that stays in our hearts
 我想我很適合 當一個歌頌者 I think I am very suited to becoming a person who sings praise
 青春在風中飄著 our youth hangs in the air, swaying in the wind
 你知道 就算大雨讓整座城市顛倒 you know that even though torrential rains cause the entire city to turn upside down
 我會給你懷抱 I will give you my embrace
 受不了 看見你背影來到 I can’t stand seeing your shadow’s arrival
 寫下我 度秒如年難捱的離騷 written down seconds become years of unbearable lamenting

就算整個世界被寂寞綁票 even if this entire world is swallowed by loneliness
我也不會奔跑 I won’t run
逃不了 最後誰也都蒼老 because there’s nowhere to run to at the end everyone will Become old
寫下我 時間和琴聲交錯的城堡 writing down my castle of Staggered time and music