By Jocelle Koh

編曲:蘇打綠 ; 林暐哲

走過的路 是一陣魔術 the journey we have had together is a time of magic
把所有的 好的壞的 變成我的 that has changed all the good and the bad into mine
心裡的苦 就算不記得 the bitterness in the heart even if we don’t remember
都化作這目光 吟唱成一首歌 has all combined into one song

而你像 流進詩裡的嘈嘈水聲 and you are like the sound of water trickling into a poem
敲進我心門 擁抱了所有的恨 knocking on my heart’s door and embracing all my hate
滋養了乾涸 相信我能是你的 Nourishing what has dried up believing that I can be yours

彷彿還看見昨日那張悲傷的臉龐 if we are still looking at yesterday’s Disappointed face
快樂有時候竟然辣得像一記耳光 at times happiness will become as stinging as a slap in the face
是你提醒我 別怕去幻想. It was you who reminded me don’t be scared to dream
想我內心躲避慣的渴望 Thinking of my inner tendency to hide my desires

彷彿能看見明日兩串腳印的走廊 if we could still look at yesterday’s pairs of footprints in the corridors
憂傷有時候竟被你調味得像顆糖 Sadness can sometimes be changed by your tastebuds to taste like a sweet
是你抓緊我 往前去張望 it was you who held fast to me moving forward to achieve our dreams
望我內心夾岸群花盛放 Allowing my heart to blossom like a flower
我被寫在你的眼睛裡眨呀 I have been written into your eyes

你被寫在我的歌裡面唱呀 you have been written into my song and my voice as I sing
我們被寫在彼此心裡愛呀 we have been written into each others hearts as lovers