By Jocelle Koh

少一點天份Stay in love, Lost in love

小傷痕痛幾天就癒合 依舊還能活著 Little scars will hurt for a few days then disappear Yet they can stay alive for a long time
小挫折哭幾回就忘了就過了 Little setbacks after crying several times will be forgotten ; they will blow over
天空黑了 我還醒著 The sky’s turned to black Yet I am still awake

孤單總是會在這 不離不棄陪伴著 Loneliness will always still be here Faithfully never leaving your side
最忠誠的不是愛 而是沉默的孤單 The most loyal emotion is not love, but the silence of loneliness

我們都在愛情裡少一點天份 We are all short of a little ingenuity in love
所以才跌跌撞撞滿身傷痕 So we trip and fall, causing scars all over us
總是要耗盡眼淚痛心的上了一課 We always deplete our tears and cause our heart to pang for us to learn a lesson
才知道什麼要割捨 So that we will know what to give up

我們折騰了多少上天的緣份 We’ve already tossed away heaven-arranged fate so many times 
才發現世界 有太多捨不得 to realise that this world has too many things that we cannot bear
錯過了 一個對的人 誰曉得 Missing the chance to meet the right person Who knew

緊咬著忍著痛再往前走 Biting down hard Holding it in and continuing to move forward
是否只有我終究學不懂 Is it only me in the end who cannot understand it
愛情變陌生 錯過再錯 Love becomes strange Making mistakes that are made again
是否 Yes?

我們都在愛情裡少一點天份 We are all short of ingenuity in love
才發現世界 有太多捨不得to realise that this world has too many things that we cannot bear
愛上了 一個錯的人 誰醒著 Falling in love with the wrong person Who is still awake