By Jocelle Koh

Lyrics/Melody: Shelby Wang 王曉敏

一張保鮮膜 能不能夠用來 Can a piece of cling wrap
讓自己看起來 依舊如當初的姿態 Be used to present me as I used to be

要怎麼去愛 要怎麼被愛 How should I love and be loved?
簡單五個字 但有多少人能答得出來 Those five simple words How many people know the answer?

不想屈服這世界的黑白 I don’t want to give in to this black and white world
只是心臟卻處在危險地段 but my heart has entered dangerous territory
若世界的溫柔 今天是給了你 我想我可以接受 If the gentleness of the world is given to you today I can accept it

逃出擁擠 的街頭 Escaping the crowded streets
我不停地走 I keep on walking
漫無目的 的週末 On aimless weekends
我不停地走 I keep on walking
藍色的心情 把世界染成藍色 my feelings are dying the world blue
today let’s be blue