By Jocelle Koh

編曲:仔仔(Will Peng)

眼睛 明明比我還清楚 your eyes are obviously clearer than mine
為誰才能 流下精彩的淚 who will you cry tears of excitement for
耳朵 明明約好了只為 your ears have obviously made a promise to only
誰的嘆息 一整晚不用睡 that person’s sighs an entire night without sleep

我明明 理智地 固執地 等著誰

I’m obviously , rationally, stubbornly waiting for someone
心跳別跑來搞鬼 heartbeat don’t come running to cause trouble

笑也不對 哭也不對 laughing doesn’t seem right and neither does crying
你那種不完美 明明我才 懶得想入非非 your kind of imperfection obviously it’s me who am too lazy to dream
想也不對 忘也不對 thinking of you seems wrong but so does forgetting
心事天花亂墜 可我明明 以為我沒醉 my mind is going into overdrive but I obviously think that I’m not drunk

眼睛 明明比我還清楚 your eyes are obviously clearer than mine
你的眼神 不夠電力陶醉 your gaze is not electric enough to be intoxicating
耳朵 明明約好了不准 your ears have obviously promised that they would not
留下你那 不動人的是非 leave behind the unmoving rights and wrongs

我一定 會遇見 完美的 那個誰 心事別突然迂迴
I will definitely meet that perfect person my heart will not turn back