By Jocelle Koh

Lyrics/Melody: Leaf Yeh 葉穎

每時  每刻  都在趕路 Every moment Every 
要去哪裡 不太清楚 Where am I going I’m not sure

只知道別停下腳步  I just know I can’t slow down
別輸 Can’t lose

擦撞 瘀青 都不太在意 Scratches and bruises I don’t mind too much
奔向遠方 都快來不及 Sprinting towards the horizon I might not make it
獨處的時候 才發現不對勁 When I’m alone that’s when I realise something isn’t right

不太快樂 也不算痛苦 I’m not that happy but also not in pain
不上不下 尋找著幸福 In the limbo of looking for happiness

不太盡興 也不至於全輸 Not enjoying myself doesn’t necessarily mean I’ve lost
青鳥 青鳥  到底在哪裡 Where is my bluebird

每時每刻 都在羨慕 Every minute every moment is spent envying
那些亮眼的  勝利組 The dazzling group of winners

美好的事物 誰不想關注 Beautiful objects and things Who wouldn’t be drawn to them
過度 專心 弄丟了自己 In over-concentrating I lost myself
迷路的人  太害怕失去 Those who have lost their way Are too afraid of letting go       
忘記我曾經放鬆的 做自己 I’ve forgotten how to freely be myself

不太快樂 也不算痛苦 I’m not that happy but also not in pain
不上不下 尋找著幸福 In limbo of looking for happiness

不行不行 誠實面對自己 I can’t I can’t honestly face myself
青鳥青鳥 我想要找到你 Bluebird Bluebird I need to find you

心虛的時候 很難發出聲音 When I’m feeling guilty It’s hard to make a sound
試圖要討好 以為會比較容易 Trying to get on others’ good side Assuming it’ll be easier

不完美的我終於認清 I need to come clean about my imperfections
想要保護的 想擁有的 What I want to protect Want to own
牠並不在這裡 It is not here

什麼 什麼是存在的理由 What What is the reason for existing
sparkle sparkle 在心中閃爍 sparkle sparkle sparkling in my heart
如果 如果 沒有精彩的夢 What if What if there were no vibrant dreams

愛過  活過 算不算足夠?Having loved and lived Is this enough?

為什麼不足夠?Why is it not enough?

什麼才叫足夠?How much is enough?

青鳥飛進心中 The bluebird flies into my heart