By Jocelle Koh

Lyrics/Melody: Leaf Yeh 葉穎

一個人自己慢慢的走啊走 Alone I walk along slowly 
看著時間飛快像在賽跑 Seeing time speed by as if in a race

兩個人有伴的道理 我早就知道了 I’ve long understood the logic of having a partner
但沒有喜歡的 又有什麼用 But what’s the use if I’ve not found one I like?

一個人自己 慢慢的走啊走 Alone I walk along slowly
天亮的風景 天黑的夜色 The scenery of sunrise The colours of sundown 

不變的是還是一個人 What’s unchanging is that I am alone
尋找我的路 我的遠方 Searching for my path For what lies ahead

我跟我自己 發呆 I daydream with myself
我跟我自己 聊天 I chat with myself
我愛我自己的 浪漫 天真 孤單 自言自語 I love my own romantic ideals, naivete, loneliness, habit of talking to myself

一個人照樣喝酒唱歌 Alone I still drink and sing
人生不長 時間沒有多少了 Life is not long Time is running out
左手寫詞 右手拿著我的青春 My left hand writes poetry My right holds on to my youth
天啊 就這樣老了 God So we’ve aged just like that

我跟我自己結婚 I’ll marry myself
我跟我自己約定 I’ll promise myself
我為我自己戴上戒指 I’ll put on a ring for myself
一個人前進 Moving forth alone
無憂無慮 Without a care in the world

看記憶入海 Watching my memories enter the ocean
等希望下山 Waiting for hopes to leave the mountain
我等日出 I wait for the sunrise
再等日落 And then the sunset

看透了結局 I’ve seen through the ending
看緣分像煙 Seen fate like smoke
牽過手的 都跟別人走了 Those whose hands I’ve held Have all gone with others
我跟我自己結婚 I’ll marry myself
我跟我自己約定 I’ll promise myself
我愛我自己的想法 缺點 脾氣 獨一無二 I love my own idea,  flaws, temper and uniqueness