By Jocelle Koh

Lyrics/Melody: Leaf Yeh 葉穎

原來 我們都寂寞 Actually  we are all lonely
天亮前 一片陰影掠過 Before day breaks a shadow passes
陽光 曬燙了床頭 Sunshine heats my bedpost
我躲進 心裡的角落 I hide in a corner of my heart

原來 我們都寂寞 Actually  we are all lonely
住在 陌生的星球 Living in an unfamiliar planet
一個人 在這世界降落 Alone, falling on this earth
像盆栽 靜慢的生活 Like a pot, slowly and quietly living

原來 我們都習慣寂寞  Actually we are all used to loneliness
在日常擠出笑容 Squeezing out a smile on the daily
格格不入又怕被識破 Not fitting in yet scared to be seen through

原來 我們都掩飾寂寞 So we are all acting lonely
不談論自己的脆弱 Not talking about our weaknesses
把匱乏的心 藏在身後 Hiding my exhausted heart behind me                

原來 我們都灌溉寂寞 Actually we are all vessels for loneliness
讓它涓滴成了河流 Allowing it to accumulate into a flowing river
看不到上游,Unable to see upstream
剩下我 I’m left behind

原來 我們都縱容寂寞 Actually we all indulge loneliness
讓它盤據整片天空 Allowing it to take up the entire sky
低落的時候 把快樂帶走 In down moments happiness is taken away

原來 我們都寂寞 Actually  we are all lonely
住在 不屬於誰的星球 Living on a planet that doesn’t belong to anyone
爭奪 稀缺的沙丘 Scrambling for scarce dunes
封鎖了 情緒的出口 Plugging up the exit for emotions

原來我們都依賴寂寞 Actually we all rely on loneliness
當觸碰傾向失控 When a touch leads to  chaos
寧願先回到   平行宇宙 I’d rather go back to my parallel universe

原來 我們都順從寂寞 Actually we all obey loneliness
孤獨患者偶爾發作 Patients who relapse once in a while
壓抑 失落感的副作用 Repressing the side effects of disappointment

原來 我們都豢養寂寞 Actually we all nurture loneliness
它讓靠近的人們退後 It causes those close to us to recede
抗拒愛和被愛的需求 Rejecting love and the need to be loved

原來 我們都利用寂寞 Actually we all use loneliness
說著說著就成為理由 We talk about it until it becomes a reason
不過是沒勇氣 毫無保留 But we just aren’t brave enough and there’s nothing left
原來 我們都寂寞 Actually  we are all lonely