By Jocelle Koh

Lyrics/Melody: Leaf Yeh 葉穎

臉 我的臉 Face My face
有像妳的嗎?Does it look like yours?
我留著妳的血 I’ve kept your blood

血 Blood
我身體的血 That runs through my body
延續我們的連結 Extending our connection
真難得啊 How rare it is

出生那天 The day we are born
離開那天 And the day we leave
沒辦法阻擋 Nothing can stop us
手上握緊的 The kite we hold firmly in our hands
風箏會斷線 Will eventually break away

飄啊 Float on
飄過了樹梢 Floating past the treetops
山茶花一片 A spread of camellias below
像妳頭髮 白白 White like your hair
盪啊 Swing on
盪過了田間 Swing past the fields
小時候常來這裡玩耍看風景 Where we often came to play and look at the scenery as children
附近的老樹 What happened to the old trees
怎麼都不見了?that were nearby?

出生那天 The day we are born
離開那天 And the day we leave
沒辦法阻止 Nothing can stop 
手上緊握的 The kite held firmly
風箏飛遠 from flying far away

飄啊 Float on
飄過了曬穀場 Float past those grain fields
妳的腳踏車 Where your bicycle
還停在那裡 still stands

盪啊 Swing on 
盪過了歲月 Swing past the years
回家的鳥 The returning birds
成群結隊 Flock back in groups
傍晚的時候 And in the evening
想妳很多遍 I miss you often

等月光出來前 Before the moonlight comes through
我去到山的另一邊 I will go to the other side of the mountain
尋找妳 Searching for you