By Jocelle Koh

作詞:徐佳瑩   作曲:徐佳瑩
天晴著 下雨了 戀愛談談又散了 都是真的嗎 The sky is clear It’s raining Romance has softly disappeared Is this all real

濕紙巾 擰乾了 淚擦乾再流不過就是物理變化 Wet tissues are now dry Tears wiped away begin streaming again This is only but a biological reaction

你說過 要稱頭 在感情裡捨不得 是種壞習慣 You said before Need to look at status In relationships being unable to let go is a bad habit

卻沒說 非你陪伴不可 每個斷層的孤單 是自己的功課 But you never said I have to have you accompany me without exceptions Every period of loneliness is my own homework

第一次是我不曉得 第二次是他不值得 The first time I didn’t know The second time he wasn’t worth it

然後呢 下一次呢 你才是我真的捨不得 And then what What about the next time You are really the one that I cannot let go of

每一次都牢牢記得 每一次哭都豁出去了 Everytime I hold your memories close Everytime I cry I fight it

因為你陪我把失去哼成歌 Because you’ve accompanied me to hum my losses into songs

唱完歌 你走了 淚擦乾卻沒你在 多酸的化學變化 The song’s over You’re gone The tears brushed away yet without you How sour a chemical change

很想問 每次錯過難道是我們的潛規則 這叫人更累呢 I really want to ask Every time I miss an opportunity Is this our unspoken rule that causes people to be even more tired

第一次是你不曉得 第二次是他太好了 The first time you didn’t know The second time he was too good 

然後呢 這一次呢 我們擁抱究竟算甚麼 And then what what about this time What does our embrace mean

每一次想豁出去了 每一次發現你最適合 Everytime I want to fight it Every time I realise you’re the most suitable

你卻說不擁有就不怕失去了 But yet you say not having means that you won’t be scared of losing

但成熟不是一味尊重那些說不出口的潛規則 But maturity does not respect those unspoken rules 

貪圖取暖怕愛的極端 Greedily wanting warmth and being scared of love’s extreme

我還是會裝不曉得 我還是不怕不值得 然後呢 下一次呢 I still pretend I don’t know I still am unafraid of not being worth it And then what What about next time

我還是要傻傻捨不得 如果你也豁出去了 I will still stupidly be unable to let go If you tried to fight it too

我可以不是你的選擇 I don’t have to be your choice

最後一起變成最執著最好的 At the end together we can become the most strong and the best