By Jocelle Koh

Lyricist:黃文萱、梁永泰 (terrytyelee)

Composer:梁永泰 (terrytyelee)、王知音、Kimberley Chen

Arranger:梁永泰 (terrytyelee)、王知音

Baby別搞錯 我只是臉臭 你別像石頭

Baby don’t get it wrong I’m only putting on a face don’t be like a rock

對我說些什麼 快點說些我的優點

What will you say to me quick tell me some compliments

和我相愛多幸福 不然我會更殘酷

Being in love with me is so happy if not I would be even more cruel

我從晴天等到雨天 等到路人開始打哈欠 I wait from sunny days until rainy days waiting for passerbys to start sneezing

That’s OK 我等你等到世界毀滅 that’s ok I’ll wait for you until the world is destroyed

其實還不錯 你和我都不錯 折磨的享受

Actually it’s not bad you and I aren’t bad the pleasure of this pain

Sorry Sorry Baby Baby

他們都不懂 我對你的溫柔 they all don’t know the gentleness I have for you

快點說些我的優點 和我相愛多幸福

Quick tell me a few compliments how being in love with me is so happy

不然我會更殘酷 我從昨天罵到明天

If not I will be even more cruel from yesterday scolding you until tomorrow

我們靠腰靠背不嫌累 That’s OK

We will lean on each other waist to back not complaining of tiredness that’s ok

我等你等到世界毀滅 I will wait for you waiting until the world is destroyed