By Jocelle Koh


終於鍛鍊出一種輕盈自由 Finally I’ve trained a kind of clarity and freedom
寂寞就安於寂寞 火點燃了就撲火 Loneliness just is content with loneliness When catches fire we will fight it

戀上一場什麼愛 我快樂就夠 Falling for what kind of love As long as I’m happy its enough
進度我自己會掌握 謝謝圍觀起哄Moving forward I will control it myself Thank you for your boos

失控墜落 浪漫的墮落(別人別插手) Losing control in a downward spiral a romantic descent (Don’t intervene)
狠狠地沉溺美絕的煙火(對從前的甜蜜復仇) Cruelly stamping out the beautiful fireworks (To get revenge on the previous sweetness)

別管我 讓我好好享受 Don’t care about me Let me take this all in
別猜我 將會感慨或感動 Don’t keep guessing whether I will lament or be moved
愛情是真實的虛構 堅強的脆弱 我正樂在其中 Love is a reality in imagination A strong vulnerability I am currently enjoying every moment of it 
最後會結成什麼果 我自愛自受 At the end what will the conclusions bring I love, I embrace

就算痛那又算什麼 又不是沒痛過 even if it’s painful what does that count for It’s not like I haven’t been hurt before

也不算什麼困擾 頂多是困惑 It’s also not counted as a kind of trouble At the most a kind of confusion
對我關心那麼多 難道我們很熟 Being so caring towards me As if we were so familiar with each other

我的甜蜜幸福 落寞哀愁 不是誰的小說 My sweet happiness descends into pathos Its not anybody’s fiction story
關於我最最自己的生活 請勿道聽塗說 About my innermost life Please don’t listen in and gossip

我自愛自受 I love, I embrace

我快活不快活 難過不難過 都是我的收穫 Whether I am merry or not Happy or not It is all my own to keep
最後會結成什麼果 What kind of fruits will these results bear

我自愛自受 快樂就夠 I love, I embrace As long as I’m happy it is enough