By Jocelle Koh

作詞:劉庭佐    作曲:劉庭佐

他看著那一天 He watched the day
離得越來越遠 Grow further and further away
不記得抹滅掉 Not remembering whose forever
了誰的永遠 It’s wiping away

他看著哪一天 He watched that day
要回家說再見 That they went home to say goodbye
以往的黑夜 For the following dark nights
在此刻 In that moment
還算看得見 He felt he could see

只能像那風箏 If only he could be like that kite
滑落 墜落 地飛  Sliding Falling Flying
湧起來的風 When the winds pick up
呼過 It breathes over
想帶走 他 卻沒能掙脫 Wanting to take away but unable to shrug it off
依然被牽著追著走 Always being strung along and chased
總是在等著誰回頭 Always waiting for someone to turn around

那天的白雲 The white clouds that day
烙印在他心中 Are branded into his heart
那白雲 That white cloud
烙印在他心中 Branded into his heart