By Jocelle Koh

Lyricist 作詞:林喬 Lin Chiao
Composer 作曲:鄭楠 Zheng Nan

這一段 回家的路 繞了多久 This section of road that leads home We circled many times
還在想 離開真正 的理由 Still thinking about the real reason I left

如果心總是愧疚 If your heart is full of guilt
為何不試著挽留 Why don’t you try staying
轉身是等誰識破 Who are you trying to see through if you turn around

這一刻 咽下思念 該如何說 In this moment you swallow your longing How to describe it
是否有 還會重逢 的時候 Is there still time for reconnection

如果终究要淚流 If we must cry
誰不想哭到了最後 Who doesn’t feel like crying when it comes to the end of it?
能有雙手 來緊握 Having hands to hold

深夜闌珊 當那一盞燈又為我而溫暖 The night withers When that lamp warms me
回憶彌漫 其實我們都曾為孤單走散 Full of memories Actually we’ve all walked away lonely
我知道從這一個夜晚  I know from that night
至少能夠不再怕勇敢 At least I won’t be scared of being brave again
謝謝你的那一份微笑原來到何時  愛都不難 Thank you for that smile It seems that at any moment love isn’t hard

深夜闌珊 當那一個人又與我而相伴 The night withers As that person accompanies me again
有些味道 留在彼此心底又慢慢流轉 Some tastes and smells are left in the bottom of both our hearts, slowly swirling
我知道從這一個夜晚 I know from that night
遺憾有機會能夠圓滿 Regrets still have the opportunity to be filled
謝謝你的那一句晚安原來到何時  愛都不晚 Thank you for saying goodnight It seems that at any moment love is never late

愛都不晚 Love is never late