By Jocelle Koh

作詞:施人誠   作曲:鄭楠

如果你被她傷的很痛 請感謝她好心折磨 if you have been hurt deeply by her please thank her for hurting you with a kind heart

如果你對她感到愧疚 請感謝她慷慨淚流big you feel guilty towards her please be thankful for her tears

在我們相遇相愛之前 多虧有她讓你成熟 in the time previous to our love thank goodness it was her who let you mature

如果你現在孤獨寂寞 請感謝這美麗等候 if you are very lonely and alone please be thankful for the beauty of waiting

如果你還在為愛犯錯 請感謝還沒找到我 if you are still making mistakes in love please be thankful that you have not yet found me

要走完每個曲折路口 我們才懂愛是什麼 you should finish every obstacle filled road then we will know what love is

Wu~My Love Wu~My Love

如果慶幸我值得擁有 請感謝我被放棄過 if you are grateful that I am worth having please be thankful that I was given up

如果欣賞我堅強溫柔 請感謝那珍貴傷口 if you appreciate my strength and gentleness please be thankful for those precious wounds

在我們相遇相愛之後 遺憾都會變成收穫 in the time previous to our love regret will turn into rewards

Wu~My Love Wu~My Love

當我們終於緊緊相擁 所有苦難會甜美結果 when we were finally able to tightly embrace all bitterness will have a sweet ending

我們就耐心漂流 愛會來的 在對的時候 we can then patiently drift Love will come at the right time

Wu~My Love Wu~My Love

Wu~My Love Wu~My Love