By Jocelle Koh



誰無聊拿放大鏡 看風景累不累whoever is bored should apply a magnifying glass on the scenery are you tired yet?

卻忘記了 看清楚自己是誰 but they have forgotten to see clearly who they themselves are

我的宇宙輕飄飄 美得搖搖欲墜 my universe sways so beautiful that it crumbles

旁人來來去去 像行雲流水 passerbys come and go like water from the clouds

模糊糊的視線 不管天色黑不黑 the blurred lines of vision no matter whether the sky is black or not

心中沒鬼 就不用處處防備 there is no beast in your heart so there is no need to prepare against it

雨濛濛 情深不深 只要醉醺醺的 the rain blurs whether feelings are deep or not once the drunkenness’ intoxicating powers

美不美 只看能否愛得曖昧 whether beautiful or not it can only be seen based on the ambiguity of love

Oh 不醉 就學不會 oh if you’re not drunk then you won’t learn

只要我以為 就不是誤會 if I assume then there won’t be any misunderstandings

誰都是寶貝 有什麼真偽 everyone is a darling what is there to prove authentic

什麼是是非 都似是而非 what is right and wrong are specious

醉眼看世界 世界隨我陶醉 using drunken eyes to observe the world the world will revel before me

迷茫茫的天地 沒那麼多對不對 the hazy heaven and earth there isn’t too much of it is there

錯不錯 只看心境怎麼描繪 wrong or not

我流我的汗水 華麗如天花亂墜 i drip with my sweat so indulgent that the flowers fall from the sky

甜不甜美 誰能代我去品味 whether or not it is sweet who will take me to taste it

oh 不醉 就學不會 oh if youre drunk then you wont learn

#看的很瑣碎 都沒有所謂 it seems very trivial but it doesnt really matter

看不到命運 只看到紫薇 unable to see fate only the myrtle trees

只看到絕色 看不到絕對 only able to see possibilities not definites

最好的滋味 就是耐人尋味 the best tastes wait for people who persevere in finding them

亂紛紛 像一首朦朧詩 misty like a disorderly poem

懵懂懂 才懂得朦朧美 ignorance to understanding will then allow us to see the beauty of disorder