By Jocelle Koh



南極開的花 已那麼香 the flowers blossoming in the North Pole are already so sweet smelling

沙漠中的魚 開始歌唱 the fish in the desert begin to sing songs

如果你竟然 別來無恙 since you still are in good health

只好怪時光 還不夠漫長 you’ll just have to blame the timing that we dont have long enough

就像我眼睛 已會結霜 just like my eyes which have already frosted over

耳朵嫁給了 真正的謊 ears have married the real lies

若還說我和 從前一樣 if you still say im the same as before

怎麼對得起 人生的荒唐 how can i make it up to the absurdity of life

讓 寒暄都吹成 風Let pleasantries be blown into wind

讓 重逢全做成 夢 Let reunions turn into dreams

來讓所有遺憾 let all regrets be

淪為所謂遺忘reduced to the so called forgotten

應了那句無常 as a reply to that sentence of fickleness

哪裡還找得到 當時月亮 Where can i still find the moon that I saw at that time

每一秒星光 都在變幻 Every second of moonlight is ever changing

別說你的心 還是那樣 Dont say your heart is still the same

桑田和滄海 該有多失望

讓 你不再認識 我 let you no longer recognise me

讓 我不怕放過 我 let me be no longer afraid to let myself off the hook

來讓所有遺憾 let all the regrets

再不用被遺忘 no longer have to be regrets

成全那句無常 encompass that sentence of fickleness

就讓所有遺忘 and let all regrets

都忘了怎麼忘 forget how to forget

就讓無常如常 and let abnormality become the norm