By Jocelle Koh

Lyrics/Melody: Goose 我鳥

說再見 Saying goodbye
並不是真的想再見 Doesn’t really mean we want to part ways
這只是善意的謊言 This is just a white lie
給自己安慰好入眠 To help us sleep better at night
揮揮手 Waving
微笑說我們是朋友 Smiling and saying we’re friends
就這樣漸漸走到了盡頭 Slowly we’ve walked till the end
結束還給我們自由  This ending gives us freedom

再讓我看一眼 Just let me see you once more
剩下的那一眼 That last look
再見的這一夜 The night we said goodbye
只希望太陽永遠不再升起 I just hope that the sun won’t come up again

再看我多一眼 Just look at me one last time
我們笑過的那天 The day we were laughing
燃起火焰之前 Before the fire burns
請知道我的心一樣會有你 Please know that my heart will always have you

想見你 I think of you
​把自己累垮入夢裡 Exhausting myself until I fall asleep
可惜沒沉睡的能力 It’s a pity I don’t have the ability to sleep deeply
要怎麼逃離殘酷的覺醒 How can I escape this cruel awakening

說再見 Saying goodbye
謝謝你對我說再見 Thank you for saying goodbye