By Jocelle Koh


編曲&監製:Lupo Groinig

說不出說不出一句話 Unable to say unable to say the words
連我自己都很驚訝 Even myself am very surprised
面對最熟悉的你 曾經最熟悉的你 Facing the most familiar you Previously so familiar
我竟如此害怕 I am instead scared
我說不出口你能不能別走 I am unable to say it Can you not leave
留不住你曾對我的溫柔 Unable to keep the gentleness you previously had for me
此刻我忐忑的心 你勉強的表情 At this moment my perturbed heart Your forced expressions
愛情到底是怎麼從美麗慢慢凋零 how did love go from beautiful to slowly withering

每一個夜晚我都還夢見你 Every night I dream of you
也看到天真的自己 And saw my innocent self
還記得我們當時如此相信 Even remembering how believing we were
月亮會一直帶領 往幸福的路徑 The moon will always guide us Towards the road of happiness
月亮也聽見你說 說你會一直愛我 The moon listens to you say you will always love me

夢裡鮮紅的薔薇 睜眼是蒼白的玫瑰 The fresh red roses in my dreams Also capturing my attention are the pale white roses
它躺在月亮下 紀念著曾經最真摯的愛 They lie under the moon Capturing the previous most sincere love
記憶裡快樂再真切 早已被冷空氣凝結 The memories of happiness are most clear and have long been coagulated by cold air
而此刻月亮下 只有伶仃的一個墓地 And now under the moon There is only an lonely cemetary
守護著死去的愛 Guarding a lost love

我不懂我不懂為什麼 I don’t know I don’t know why
你沒一點的捨不得 You didn’t even feel a little regret
面對這陌生的你 眼前這陌生的你 Facing this familiar you This familiar you in front of my eyes
我努力冷靜 I’m trying to be calm
就算我真的求你別走 Even if I really begged you not to leave
就算真的勇敢地說出口 Even if I really did bravely say it out
此刻我脆弱的心 你麻木的表情 At this moment my vulnerable heart Your numb expression
愛情真的就這麽從美麗慢慢凋零How did love go from beautiful to slowly withering

當時你手中的那一束玫瑰 At that time the rose in your hand
和耳邊輕輕說的那一句 And the soft words by my ear that sentence
Saranghae, Saranghae, 至少你能不能別忘記?I love you I love you At least can you not forget?