By Jocelle Koh

作詞:G.E.M. 鄧紫棋
作曲:G.E.M. 鄧紫棋
橘色是牽著你的手心 Orange is holding your palm
紅色是你留下的唇印 Red is the lip imprint you left behind
綠色是陪你看的風景 Green is looking at the scenery with you
黃色是陪你數的星星 Yellow is accompanying you to watch the stars
灰色是你離開的背影 Grey is the shadow of you leaving
藍色是他從此的心情 Blue is his feeling from then on
黑色是你沉默的回應 Black is your silent answer
白色是他世界的伶仃 White is his world’s reminder
查克靠近 一再靠近 Chuck Close When you get closer
卻看不清從前熟悉的表情 Yet cannot see clearly any familiar expression
你的倒影 如此的清晰 Your profile is so clear
他卻只看到親密的光線和影 He yet can only see the intimate lines and shadows
曾經浪漫是隨便一間餐廳 Previously romance was any restaurant
感動是並著肩的安靜 Being moved is the quiet of being shoulder to shoulder
回憶是夜空裡閃爍的流星 Memories is the sparkling shooting stars in the sky
現實是當它殞落大地 Reality is  when it has fallen to earth
查克靠近 一再靠近 Chuck Close When you get closer
你的美麗只是線條的分明 Your beauty is only the differentiation of lines
一句到底 愛情的距離 One sentence till the end Love’s distance
是心若遠了 輪廓再也看不清 Is the heart going further  Outline is not longer clear
你讓我看到 You let me see
光伴隨的陰影 笑銳華化的哭泣 Light and shadow Laughing through tears
愛與恨的接近 夢和現實的分明 Love and hate’s closeness Dreams and reality’s differentiation
我終於睜開眼睛 I finally opened my eyes