By Jocelle Koh


剛剛看完六點半的新聞 那悲劇 又重演Just finished watching the 6.30 news that sad scene is re-enacted again
有個媽媽拿著兒子的照片 期盼他 會出現 A mother holds a picture of her son and hopes that he will re-appear
看不下那畫面 我轉過頭卻開始流淚 I cant stand to see the next images I turn my head and start to cry
是懲罰是考驗 還要有多少的心碎 Is this punishment or a test how much more heartbreak must we endure

愛 愛 在這個世界上愛已被忘記 love love in this world love has been forgotten
誰都不相信 誰都不相信 相信愛 No one believes no one believes believes in love
哎 哎 真理和公平都已變成了笑話 hey hey justice and fairness has become a joke
我不願意住在這樣的城市裡 Im not willing to live in this kind of city

話題都圍繞在腥色羶暴力 有八卦 沒想法 talk topics all revolve around violence and bloodshed theres gossip but no opinions
計算逃避人人都在玩遊戲 沒有錢 沒人理你 planning to run away each person is playing a game  without money no one is concerned about you
我心裡很憤怒 只能冷酷讓自己麻木 My heart holds fury But i can only calmly numb myself
拿生命做賭注 這些瘋狂還要多久 Taking my life as a wager  How much longer is this craziness going to last

愛 愛 在這個世界上有沒有意義 love love in this world has no meaning

沒有人在乎 沒有人在乎 沒有愛 No one cares no one cares theres no love
哎 哎 我真的很想要開口罵髒話 ai ai I really wish to start scolding dirty words
不是我的錯 不是我的錯 別怪我 Its not my fault Its not my fault Don’t blame me
為什麼祢閉上眼不想想辦法 Why are you closing your eyes and not thinking of a way out
裝做看不見 裝做看不見 告訴我 Pretending not to see Pretending not to see Tell me
哎 哎 告訴我把愛找回來的方法 ai ai tell me how to bring love back
因為我無法離開這個鬼地方 because I am unable to leave this horrendous place
(我沒有辦法離開 no no)  I have no way of leaving no no
這個鬼地方(這個鬼地方) this horrendous place (this horrendous place)
它還是我的家 It’s still my home

剛剛看完遠方傳來的消息 像惡夢在繼續 Just finished watching the news travelling from overseas  Like a nightmare is just continuing
給點力量讓自己能活下去 Dear God     Give me a bit of strength for me to continue living Dear God 
你在哪裡 Where Are You