By Jocelle Koh

SA [改編詞]:姚若龍
OC/OA [原詞曲]:Hermanni Kovalainen / Ilanguaq Lumholt /
Henrik Tala

Oh~ 人都應該有夢 有夢就別怕痛 Everyone should have dreams  Having dreams means you shouldn’t be scared of pain

有雷聲在轟不停  The lightning is roaring non-stop
雨潑進眼裡看不清 The rain falls into my eyes making it unclear
誰急速狂飆 溅我一身 Who caused a rapid hurricane to splash and drench me
的泥濘 with mire

很確定我想去哪裡 I am sure of where I want to go
往天堂要跳過地獄 Facing heaven I want to jump across hell
也不恐懼 不逃避 Not afraid not escaping

這不是脾氣 是所謂志氣(與勇氣) This is not an impulse It is determination (and courage)
你能推我下懸崖 You can push me off a cliff
我能學會飛行 I can learn how to fly
從不聽 誰的命令(很獨立) I never listen to anyone’s rules (very independent)
耳朵用來聽自己的心靈 My ears are for listening to my own soul

淋雨一直走 是一顆寶石就該閃爍 Walking through the rain its like a jewel is going to begin to sparkle
人都應該有夢 Everyone should have therir own dreams
有夢就別怕痛 when you have dreams you shouldn’t be afraid of pain
淋雨一直走 是道陽光就該暖和 Walking through the rain its like a ray of sunlight should be warm
人都應該有夢 有夢就別怕痛 People should have dreams when you have dreams you shouldnt be scared of pain

有前面盤旋的禿鷹 in front of you the vulture circles
有背後尖酸的耳語 those sharp sour words behind your back
黑色的童話 those dark childish words
是給長大 的洗禮 are the renewals of growing up

要獨特才是流行 you need to be unique to be popular
無法複製的自己 the unrecoverable self
讓我連受傷 也有型 let me even with scars and hurt take shape

有時掉進黑洞 有時候爬上彩虹 sometimes falling into dark holes sometimes climbing onto rainbows
在下一秒鐘 in the next second
命運如何轉動 沒有人會曉得Oh~ how fate twists ns turns no one can anticipate oh~
我說希望無窮 你猜美夢成空 I say that hope cannot be lost you guess that beautiful dreams make a sky
相信和懷疑 總要決鬥 believing and doubting always need determination