By Jocelle Koh

陳勢安 -天后


終於找到藉口 趁著醉意上心頭 Finally found an excuse, taking advantage of this tipsy heart
表達我所有感受 Expressing all I’ve had to take
寂寞漸濃 沉默留在舞池角落 The loneliness gradually getting stronger, silence staying in the corner of the dance floor
妳說的太少或太多 You say too little or too much
都會讓人更惶恐 Either way you make others more terrified

誰任由誰放縱 誰會先讓出自由 Who lets who have their way, who will be the first to let go of their freedom
最後一定總是我 In the end its always me
雙腳懸空 在妳冷酷熱情間遊走 Both feet are left dangling, hovering between your passion and your coldness
被侵佔所有還要笑著接受 Having everything taken from me I must still laugh and accept it all

 我嫉妒妳的愛 氣勢如虹 I’m jealous of your love dear
像個人氣高居不下的天后Like an empress whose popularity remains high always
妳要的不是我 而是一種虛榮 The one you want is not me, it is a type of vanity
 有人疼才顯得多麼出眾 Only with someone to adore you will you have a large audience
 我陷入盲目狂戀的寬容 I’m trapped in a tolerance that is blind and mad with love
成全了妳萬眾寵愛的天后 Completed your image of an Empress doted on by all
 若愛只剩誘惑 只剩彼此忍受 If this bitter love is only left with temptation  Only with endurance
別再互相折磨 Don’t let us mutually suffer
 因為我們都有錯 Because we all have wronged

推開蒼白的手 推開蒼白的廝守 Push away the pale hand, push away the lifeless relationship we have
管妳有多麼失措 Who cares how stricken you are
別再叫我 心軟是最致命的脆弱 Don’t call me again, a soft heart is the most deathly vulnerability
我明明都懂卻仍拚死效忠 I obviously understand it all, but my devotion often makes me risk my life

如果有一天愛不再迷惑 If one day my love is not confused
足夠去看清所有是非對錯 And is enough for me to see clearly between right and wrong
直到那個時候 妳在我的心中 Until that time, when you are in my heart
將不再被歌頌 把妳當作天后 Will no longer be celebrated, letting you be an empress
不會再是我 It won’t be me again