By Jocelle Koh

作詞:陶喆 (David Tao)
作曲:陶喆(David Tao)
編曲:陶喆(David Tao)

今天晚上你在做什麼 我怎麼樣都睡不著
What are you doing tonight I just can’t get to sleep
 你可以陪我嗎 can you accompany me

Come on, baby 靠近來 放你投入我胸懷
Come on baby come over here I’ll wrap you in my bosoms embrace
點起熱情的燭光 享受玫瑰的芳香 light up fiery candles and revel in the scent of the roses
讓我輕輕幫你把那包袱脫下來 用著身體的節拍
Let me lightly help you take away the layers using my body’s rhythm
就在今夜可以什麼都不想 tonight we shouldn’t think about anything
不要管他明天會怎麼樣 我們只有這一夜
We don’t have to care about what he’ll think tomorow we just have this one night

快把簾子拉起來 手提電話不要開 珍惜每一分一秒
Quick shut the Curtains and turn the phone off embrace every minute and second
雖然早有了Alibi 不要忘了放上請勿打擾在門外
Even though we already have an alibi , don’t forget to put up the ‘do not disturb’ sign
良心的鎖扣起來 沒有任何人能阻擋tonight
Let’s lock up our consciences there is no one who can stop us tonight

你我真正是誰一點不重要 只要我們放的開 That’s right
Who you and me really are isn’t important we just need to let go that’s right

Everything’s gonna be right 不要再也想不開
Everything’s gonna be right don’t think too much about it
當我擁抱你的時候 一切就會很好
When I embrace you everything will be great
把所有的憂慮都忘記 I’ll be there
Forget all of your worries I’ll be there

Everything’s gonna be fine 讓愛今晚慢慢來
Everything’s gonna be fine let love take its time tonight
當你親吻我的時候 (我的)心跳就會快跑
When you kiss me my heartbeat will quicken
只要能跟你同在一起 I’ll be there Yes, I wil
If only i can be with you ill be there yes i willl

慢慢再拉緊領帶 心裡藏了是無奈
Slowly straighten your tie your heart filled with helplessness
什麼話都不必說 不需要作什麼交代
You don’t have to say anything or give an explanation
Don’t forget to wipe off the lipstick prints on your collar
把這秘密鎖起來 你會偷偷珍惜我們的night
Let this be our little secret you can secretly relish our night
其實你我是誰真的已不重要 只要我們放的開 That’s right
Actually who you are or who I am isn’t important as long as we can let go that’s right