By Jocelle Koh

編曲:Avery & Evan

​我愛上一幅畫 I fell in love with a painting
我愛上一幅畫的格局 I fell in love with the pattern of the painting
愛上了格局裡的狂熱 Fell in love with the pattern’s passion

線條在打鼓 顏色在跳舞 The lines are drumming Colours dancing
不規則的 胡亂碰撞 好似音符 No rules Randomly colliding like musical notes

我跳進意境裡 I fall into the meaning
興奮地游來游去 游來游去 Excitedly swimming here and there here and there
妄想參透 創作的動機 Delusional engaging in the motivation for creation

才發現是我想太多 Then I realised it was me thinking too much
一個作品的靈魂 The spirit of a work
再精準的文字 也難以形容 No matter how accurate the words It’s hard to express

於是我 欣賞愛慕著 五體投地的 So I appreciate adoration Casting five bodies’ worth into it
就夠了 That’s enough

何必要 試著解構呢 品頭論足的 Why should I try and explain it 
認清了I confess
當不成藝術家 Being unable to become an artist
也別被評論奴役 冰冷的解剖 Don’t let yourself be dissected by the cold enslavement of comments 

拜託放了 那個作品 Please Give the work a break
真實去感受 它才是真正的存在 Really go and try to feel its true presence
於是我 喜歡就喜歡 不懂就不懂 So I like, so I like If I don’t get it I don’t get it
怎麼了 So what

何必我 還要討好誰 還要忌妒誰 Why should I try and gain favour from others and be jealous of others
無所謂 It doesn’t matter

終將逝去的人啊 Those who eventually leave this world
追不上雋永的作品 Can’t catch up with those meaningful pieces of work
還是可以 把我自己 活得出奇 Still can live my life full of surprises

當我的心 不再貧窮 When my heart doesn’t care about poverty
當我的心 依循直覺 When my heart Follows its gut
當我開始真真正正 轟轟烈烈 做自己 When I begin to really Vigorously be myself

於是我 開始創作了 盡情揮灑著 So I began to create Using all my might to sway
我活著 I’m alive

於是我 成為作品了 引人入勝的 So I became the art Attracting people to victory
我快樂 I’m happy