By Jocelle Koh

Lyrics/Melody: 9m88

Everyone has weakness
I don’t mind being honest
I can take off my guard and show you my scars

No need to be indecisive
Don’t wanna be afraid no more
Cus you know, no matter what they say
You gotta get things going on

I’m not perfect, yet I’m a determined soul
Every little step seems so slow
Don’t want nobody take control
Something indescriptive, inaudible
Let me show you if you choose to believe it

When you aimin’ high
I’m aiming higher
I’ll be running fast
When you feel tired

You try to play a game
Tricks are all the same
I’m getting stronger
So hey
I’m not too bothered

Aim high, aim high, I aim high
Aim high, aim high, I aim high
Aim high, aim high, ohhh

我不想再等了 I don’t want to wait any longer
我的聲音是我的 My voice is my own
我要大聲的唱 I want to sing loudly
讓旋律在世間迴盪 Let the melody echo around the world

甩掉所有的假想 Shake off all the imaginary ideas
抑或是假想敵  or an imaginary enemy
那些懷疑 Those doubts
All eyes on me
讓人分不清自己 Allow people to not see themselves clearly

不完美的讓我驕傲 Imperfections allow me to be proud
固執的無可救藥 Stubborn like no other
But I’m gonna make my ma proud
我相信她知道 她知道 I’m sure she knows she knows

不要別人來 教我怎麼做 Don’t need other people to teach me how to do it
那就往前走不要停留 Just keep on going, don’t stop
無法言喻的力量 A strength that’s unspeakable
牽動著我 Pushes me forward