By Jocelle Koh

作詞:G.E.M. 鄧紫棋
作曲:G.E.M. 鄧紫棋
Baby you’ve gone far away
You’ve gone far away
Baby you’ve gone far away
You’ve gone far away
於是茶就這樣冷了 Therefore the tea has gone cold
於是天就這樣亮了 Therefore the day has broken
於是你就這樣離開了 Therefore you just left like that
於是我終於醒了 Therefore I’ve awoken
於是你我從此遠了 therefore you and I have become far apart
於是路從此分岔了 Therefore our roads diverge
你的臉從此就陌生了 Your face has since become strange
雖然我有一點不捨 Although I can’t quite bear it
可是時間不可能停下 But time cannot stop
不能停下 不會停下 cannot stop won’t stop
世界一直在變幻著 The world keeps changing
你也變了 我也變了 You have changed I have changed
過去都已經過去了 The past is in the past
既然回不去了 我還在煩惱什麼 Since we cannot go back what am I still wracking my brain over
於是告訴自己不要哭 Therefore I told myself not to cry
我不要哭 我不能哭 I don’t want to cry I can’t cry
往前方的路走一步 Moving forward I take a step
再走一步 就會幸福 One more step will lead to happiness
成長要學會獨處 雖然有一點孤獨 Growth requires one to learn about isolation Although it is a little lonely
Baby you’ve gone far away
(Therefore I think I should follow, boy)
When you’ve gone far away
(Therefore maybe I’m about to go, yeah, because)
Baby you’ve gone far away
(I don’t know boy, I don’t really know why, why)
That you’ve gone far away
(Therefore, therefore I’m now so alone)
於是花一個人種了 Therefore flowers were planted alone
於是夢一個人做了 Therefore dreams were made alone
於是痛一個人扛下了 Therefore pain was bore alone
快樂一個人笑著 Happiness was smiled at alone
Baby you’ve gone far away
You’ve gone far away … …