Singaporean songbird Meiting (OHMYMEITING) returns with yet another R&B single; this one titled ‘Hungover You 宿醉‘. Very much in line with her signature vein of sultry-sweet R&B vibes, the singer-songwriter reprises her musical stylings to a T whilst adding a more urban, groovy edge to her repertoire in this track.

Hungover You‘ was inspired by Meiting waking up hungover one morning, and the clever metaphor for being hungover and being hung up on a past lover is not lost on us here. Reprising the song with ambiguous lines that could be referring to either after-effects of a bad breakup or a night out, Meiting skilfully weaves a playful yet bittersweet story out of this song line after line.

“I just wanna lie in my bed / Why is my head suddenly spinning / Feels like I’m the main character in a drama”

Once you get to the end of the song, the option is really still left up to the listener – whether they want to see the song as an ode to alcohol or to a lost lover. There’s just something so playful and fun about that ambiguity to the meaning within the song which makes for a great listen time and again.


As for the arrangement, the song starts off slow with some dreamy and lucid keyboard chords before kicking things up a notch with the addition of funky bass lines. I especially love how the arrangement’s dynamic quality drives the vibe of the song to be ever-changing and always fresh; using unconventional chord progressions to immediately give the song a kick up the ass.

Unpredictable and always full of surprises, the mood changes seamlessly from sleepy to driven to heartfelt to dreamlike; reflecting the complex whirl of emotions one goes through when hung up on something (or someone).

My favourite moment is around the minute mark, where after building steadily from verse to chorus for the first time, Meiting has us hanging onto her every word as the foot-tapping melody progresses well into the chorus.

Then on the very last word of the chorus, ‘That I’m hungover you, the melody makes an unexpected twist and the arrangement follows suit. Instead of the expected upwards release given all the buildup, it feels like you’re being sucked into a black hole and spit out in a surprisingly pleasant galaxy setup. This song’s a trip alright.

Of course, Meiting’s vocals are as always the star of the show. A mix of unbearable lightness and yet with a darker, more dulcet side to it, what can’t this girl do?  Very happy to see her testing the limits of her vocal range and showing off her versatility in ‘Hungover You‘ too. A song that truly leaves you wanting more each time.

Rating: 4.5/5