By Jocelle Koh

Increasingly as life goes on, we find ourselves faced with doubt; often from so many different angles and perspectives. Especially in the music and creative industries given the subjectivity and commercialism of it all, young artists are stuck between a rock and a hard place; unsure of which way to turn.

Taiwanese singer-songwriter and Youtuber Dena Chang 張粹方 is one artist who’s documented these struggles in a way that’s uniquely her in an empowering new single ‘Don’t Worry’.

As Chang’s first independently released single, the track is both a revisit of familiar influences for Dena and a symbol of a new era of authenticity for the bubbly artist. Going back to basics with her authentic Country-Pop melodies and incorporating her positive style of inspiring Pinterest lyricism, it really feels like a new start for the optimistic artist.

The seamless incorporation of her own story into the bridge further reinforces that on top of the overarching message of not worrying about failure, this is a touching new start for Chang as she looks back on where she came from and uses that to power through.

“Just take a look back to the day you uploaded your first song / So proud you were dancing around the room / And then you realise how brave you were / And that it’s always been a part of you”

Can you hear the Taylor Swift influence yet?

Working with record label SKR Presents and producer Skot Suyama, Skot’s signature pop-rock-acoustic arrangements also give Chang’s unique melodies the burst of empowerment and exhilarating positivity that it needs to get to the next level.

Unapologetically girly, exuberantly positive yet ever so authentic, Chang is a fresh new sound on a music scene that is prioritising change. When I hear this song, memories of Chang’s beginnings as a promising young YouTube artist flood my mind just as the artist has cleverly intended; her sweet and comforting voice always pushing through the darkness; a hand to hold and a shoulder to cry on.

Dena is an artist that has come so far on her own compass and always played by her own rules. If there was ever anyone who could make a splash with English-language Country-Pop music in the Mandarin music scene, this girl is your best bet. So I wouldn’t worry about what’s next for this young rising star – she’s certainly destined for greatness.

Follow Dena on YouTube or Instagram for latest updates. Her new song’ Don’t Worry’ is already up on all major streaming platforms. Listen here.