By Jocelle Koh

Release Date: 17th January, 2019 

Returning to the scene with new Funk Disco single ‘IDWLY‘ (short for ‘I Don’t Wanna Love You’), Singaporean singer-songwriter Haneri a.k.a Daphne Khoo has successfully reinvented herself and her sound yet again in lieu of her upcoming EP ‘MILLIONA‘.

Known for her sugary-sweet, ever-versatile vocals and well-polished pop sound, Haneri kicks things up a notch with this latest single that emphasises a new spunky, impulsive personal outlook through her increasingly extroverted sound.

With sassy, snappy lyrics that make light of the bubbly singer’s hopeless love life, the song is unapologetically pop (complete with Ariana Grande-esque vocal hooks), but is given a new lease on life through a refreshing arrangement that is a far call from the K-pop scene which the song was originally destined for.

The song starts with irresistible foot-tapping drum rhythms and a sexy bass line, and sultry vocals/harmonies from Haneri before quickly barreling headfirst into the catchy chorus ‘I don’t wanna love you/It just feels so it just feels so good’ before you even know it.

New-gen pop production at its best, this song is filled to overflowing with ear-catching embellishments and funky rhythms. Before your ears have even had time to process what’s going on, the track’s full and irresistible arrangement will have your body moving to its infectious beat – perhaps in some ways an apt reflection of Haneri’s impulsive tendencies when it comes to relationships.

But all in all, we’re loving the unapologetic vibes coming off her in waves; a new and refreshing perspective which we look forward to hearing more of in her upcoming works.

Rating: 4/5

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