Album Information

Album Name: 大小說家 Fiction

Release Date: May 2012

Track List

01. 思凡 Steve Hess??
02. Runaway Mama
03. 越反越愛 Romeo And Juliet Illness
04. 浪費 Waste
05. 誘 Induced
06. 週末夜驚魂 Cries On Saturday Night
07. 4號病房 Hospital Room Number 4
08. 勉强幸福 Forced Happiness
09. 傻子 Silly
10. 拾荒 Scavengers

Bonus Tracks (With Yoga’s own input in writing lyrics, melodies etc.)
11. Syrup
12. Untitled
13. 聖誕歌 Christmas Song
14. 勉强幸福 Forced Happiness
15. I Wish You Love

Album Review

By Jocelle Koh

Lots of hype surrounding this album, after YOGA LIN 林宥嘉 himself was nominated for Best Male Mandarin Singer at the Golden Melody Awards this year for his previous album. This time, Yoga is able to showcase some of his creative control in terms of album creation, which has funnily enough, never been seen before. As expected, this album has received sparkling reviews from critics and fans alike; as a fan myself, I am proud to see Yoga’s transformation from an idol singer into an indie artist. However, despite this transition, his music has not become hard to listen to or presumptuous in any way, and has instead retained a sense of listenability, rendering each and every song in this album a gem to be treasured, each in their own ways. As I predicted (and I say this with glee), this album has nominated Yoga as Best Male Mandarin Artists at the Golden Melody Awards that will be occurring later this year, and I am very happy for him! The album concept is so complete and concise; it is clear to see every short story in each song; one of my favourites is <Runaway Mama>, written by SKOT SUYAMA 陶山, which has also earned him a nomination for Best Melody at the Golden Melody Awards.

I really love each and every set of lyrics for this album as each tells a heartening story. For example, <Runaway Mama> speaks of a housewife cooped up at home by her husband, who decides to run away and become a dancer. The ideas that have come from this album are so refreshing, new and interesting that it would have been a complete uproar if he had not been nominated. Yoga has clearly put a lot of work into this album, producing and writing for many of the songs and has even been praised by previously mentioned Producer Skot Suyama, who especially appreciates the bonus tracks, in which Yoga has written most of them. One of my favourites out of these demos is the piece <Syrup> on which he collaborated with chanteuse JOANNA WANG 王若琳 for the lyrics, and <I Wish You Love>, which has a delightfully vintage feel to it. This album is definitely one to be appreciated, and I definitely recommend it to each and every one of you!