Album Information

Album Name: Not Alone 不孤獨

Release Date: May 2011

Track List

01. 謝謝你的靈感 Thanks For Your Inspiration
02. 全世界最最美麗的女孩子 The Most Beautiful Girl In The World (Interlude)
03. 李唐娜 Donna Lee
04. 好的事情 The Good Things
05. 拿你的意志力 Taking Your Determination
06. 又不是這樣就不孤獨 This Won’t Make Me Any Less Lonely
07. 沒有你怎麼辦 What Would I Do Without You
08. 沒有旋律配得上你 (feat. RENE LIU 劉若英) No Melody Is Good Enough For You
09. 無法想像 Unimaginable
10. 明星的愛 A Celebrity’s Love
11. 真的 Really
12. 隔壁大樓 Next Door’s Apartment Block

Album Review

By Jocelle Koh

“Music Genius”, so-called by the Taiwanese media, YEN J 嚴爵 has released his newest album, which has been well-received by critics, and proved even better than his breakthrough debut album. The first song, <謝謝你的靈感 Thanks For Your Inspiration>, although sounding a little like Michael Buble’s <Just Haven’t Met You Yet> during the first few seconds, turned out to be easy to listen to, with a rhythm that is typical of his unique Jazz-Pop sound. His interesting <李唐娜 Donna Lee>, not only has interesting lyrics, but a fresh new sound that is signature of Yen-J, but with its own twist.  Chart-topper <好的事情 The Good Things> was written by Yen-J when he heard of the recent Japan Earthquakes, and although different from his upbeat tunes, presents a welcome alternative that is well produced and easy to listen to. Also keep an ear out for his duet with RENE LIU 劉若英, <沒有旋律配得上你 No Melody Is Good Enough For You>, Classic Rock styled <又不是這樣就不孤獨 This Won’t Make Me Any Less Lonely> and for any paparazzi out there, <明星的愛 A Celebrity’s Love> :).