Album Information

Album Name: Everything in the World 我的歌聲裡

Release Date: August 2012

Track List

01. Life is like a song
02. Drenched
03. Anxiety
04. Hideaway
05. Hand hold
06. Jar Of Love
07. Star In You
08. Shell
09. Everything In The World
10. 承认 Be Honest
11. 今天 Today
12. 我的歌聲裡 In My Song
13. 快活 Rapid Living
14. 沒有什么不同 There’s Nothing So Different
15. 你準備好了嗎 Are You Ready?
16. 我的歌聲裡 (demo) In My Song (demo)
17. Shine Over Me
18. Nobody’s Fault
19. Untied

Album Review

By Jocelle Koh

When I first listened to WANTING QU 曲婉婷 (yes, that is her real name translated from Chinese), I was speechless for a little bit. I mean, she could actually turn out to be the next TANYA CHUA 蔡健雅. A musician at heart, with a whole range of English songs filled with emotion. Her wonderfully husky voice draws me in and captures the essence of each song with precision and a tinge of seductiveness. She’s one I would look out for if I were you.

One thing about this album is that her pronunciation in the English songs are not entirely accurate, and the lyrics aren’t awesome (little grammatical errors, a little awkward at parts). However if you really read the lyrics and hear her singing, the words and the music create an imperfect combination, which is so pure and heartfelt that it can’t help but touch you so deeply. After being overwhelmed by her music on the whole, I was still hooked enough to buy the whole album. As she’s a newbie and this is her first album, I hope that in her further pursuits she will only shine brighter and become more musically adept!