Album Information

Album Name: The Eighteen Martial Arts 十八般武藝

Release Date: August 2010

Track List

01. Dragon Dance
02. 杜 U Love Me Do U Love Me
03. 十八般武藝 The 18 Martial Arts
04. 你不知道的事 The Things You Don’t Know
05. 伯牙絕弦
06. 柴米油盐醬醋茶 Rice, Oil, Salt, Vinegar, Ginger, Tea
07. 美 Beautiful
08. 需要人陪 Need Company
09. 天涯海角 Ends Of The Earth
10. 你不知到的事 The Things You Don’t Know (Xiao Qing Version)
11. 自己人 Your Own People

Album Review

By Jocelle Koh

< 十八般武藝 The Eighteen Martial Arts> marks the 14th album of the Taiwanese-American singer-songwriter.  As usual, Leehom uses influences from both American hip-hop music as well as Chinese cultural influences, but this time veers away from limiting himself to the hip-hop genre, and using other genres of music, such as RnB . The Album in itself is a chart-topper, nothing less of what is expected from Leehom. The sentimental <你不知道的事 What You Don’t Know> and <需要人陪 Need Someone> allows Leehom to fully express himself lyrically and musically, with both instrumental and vocal parts written by him.  <杜U Love Me Do You Love Me> and <十八般武艺 The Eighteen Martial Arts> are some of the more upbeat tracks on the album, with foot-tapping rhythms to get you up on your feet and dancing.