Album Information

Album Name: Shero

Release Date: March 2010

Track List

02. 如果你是女孩 If You Were A Girl
03. 我愛雨夜花 I Love Rainy Night Flower
04. 兩個人的荒島 Desert Island
05. 少了一個人 Without You
06. 收留我 Take Me Away
07. 超可能 Possibility
08. 愛上你 Loving You
09. 你不會 You Won’t Be
10. 愛就對了 Love So Right

Album Review

By Jocelle Koh

SHE’s <SHERO> marks the release of their 12th album, with the theme of “Girl Power”. The first track on the album, <SHERO> is a song directed towards females, as the title suggests. The chart-topping band has released many hits from this album, such as <两个人的荒岛 Desert Island> and <SHERO>.  The duet with JUDY CHOU 周定緯 features intricate harmonies between the members of SHE and Chou, as well as a likeable melody.  <SHERO> has a louder, more rock-like theme, with accompanying drums, electric guitar and electronic keyboard and synthesizer.