Album Information

Album Name: Rainie & Love 雨愛

Release Date: January 2010

Track List

01. 雨愛 Rain Love
02. In Your Eyes
03. 青春們 Youth’s Door
04. 調皮的愛神 Naughty Cupid
05. 折疊式愛情 Folding Love
06. 匿名的好友 Anonymous Good Friend
07. 要我的命 Want My Life
08. 絕對達令 Definite Order
09. 新流感 New Emotions
10. 二度戀愛 Second Degree Of Falling In Love

Album Review

By Jocelle Koh

<Rainie & Love> is Rainie Yang’s 5th studio album, showing that she has come a long way from first starting out as a group <4-IN-LOVE>, and then branching out on her own. The album mostly includes upbeat and cute melodies, such as <要我的命 Want My Love>, but also includes some slower tracks, such as <雨爱 Rain Love> and <二度恋爱 2 Degrees Of Love>. Both of these tracks show off Rainie’s vocal range and gives the album a well-rounded mix of upbeat melodies and slower and more soulful additions. She also duets with fellow singer SHOW LUO 罗志祥 in the tasteful <In Your Eyes>, a sweet duet with likeable harmonies.