Album Information

Album Name: Lover x Soulmate 情人X 知已

Release Date: January 2011

Track List

01. 情人知已 Lover.Soulmate
02. 一百萬種親吻 A Thousand Different Kisses
03. Happy Holiday
04. 受不了 Can’t Take It
05. 我們都別哭 We All Shouldn’t Cry
06. 孩子 Child
07. 姐妹陶 Girlfriends
08. 够幸福了 Happy Enough
09. 遺忘天使 Angel Of Longing
10. 還是朋友 Still Friends

Album Review

By Jocelle Koh

Rachel Liang’s 2011 well anticipated new album (well, by me anyway :)) contains 10 new tracks which showcase her amazing vocals and showcases a more optimistic view of love. These tracks more prominently show themes of happiness rather than love lost, which are significant of previous albums, while also showing off her pristine vocals not only in ballads, but also more upbeat melodies.  <情人知已 Lover.Soulmate> has a simple but listenable melody which will stay in your head for days, and encapsulates the ideals of this album perfectly. One third of F.I.R and accomplished songwriter Real Huang also had much input in this album, in tracks such as < 一百萬種親吻 A Thousand Different Kisses> and <遺忘天使 Angel Of Longing>. Also listen to ballads such as < 我們都別哭 We All Shouldn’t Cry>. Also, there are alternate album covers you can choose from, the lover album or the soulmate album. Have fun deciding!