Album Information

Album Name: Romance

Release Date: July 2011

Track List

01. A Love Theme
02. 海枯石爛 Dry Sea and Black Stones
03. Let It Rain
04. Ready for Love
05. Sing
06. Invisible Wings
07. 要你管 Don’t Need Your Care
08. 邊走邊看邊想 Walking, Looking, Thinking
09. Back to Life
10. Amazing Grace

Album Review

By Jocelle Koh

Olivia’s latest album captures all the emotions that come with the first stage of love: Romance. The euphoria, giddiness, excitement, the overthinking on the girl’s part… you know the rest. Anyway, WILL PENG 仔仔, an amazing producer has worked closely on this album with Olivia and oversaw the entire production process. Olivia also participated in the creative process with a few of these songs, by writing lyrics and melodies for the songs. As a thoroughly enjoyable album should, it has a theme which is shown throughout the duration of the album and is a eclectic mix of genres, a leap which is made seemingly effortless by Olivia’s vocals and Will Peng’s production skills. My favourites include <Ready For Love> which brings out the colour and excitement of Romance, while <Sing> is a slightly jazzy piece about the impulses of Romance. Another one of my favourites is <Back To Life>, a RnB piece with meaningful lyrics and a catchy tune.  Flawless and a must buy both for fans and listeners!