Album Information

Album Name: Back to Wonderland 回到未來

Release Date: December 2011

Track List

01. Can You Feel The Music
02. I Want You Back
03. 你就是 You Just Are
04. 千紙鶴 A Thousand Paper Cranes
05. 關於愛的定義 The Definition Of Love
06. 麦恩莉 My Only
07. 孤独孩儿 Lonely Child
08. Romeo
09. 妈妈说 Mother Says
10. 爱立刻 Love Instantly
11. BB88

Album Review

By Jocelle Koh

KHALIL FONG 方大同 is definitely on track with this album, adhering to his vision of returning to the soul and blues genres that he touched on previously in his “Wonderland” album, this time with a more electronic twist. Completely enjoyable in every aspect, I can see why he was nominated for the Golden Melody Awards on this album. A lot of funk and groove, hard work and passion went into this album, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.