Album Information

Album Name: Wild Dreams 狂想曲

Release Date: June 2011

Track List

01. 你 You
02. 複製人 Clone
03. 狂想曲 Wild Dreams
04. 只能想念你 Miss You Forever
05. 话不多 Quiet
06. 怎么说我不爱你 How To Say I Don’t Love You
07. 不停有意外的世界 The Unexpectable World
08. 敷衍 Perfunctoriness
09. 停仰 Faith
10. 好想对你说(悲伤片)
11. 好想對你說 I Really Want To Say

Album Review

By Jocelle Koh

Jam Hsiao’s latest album, titled <狂想曲 Wild Dreams>, which emphasises on themes and ideals which do not belong in society, but in the imagination and your wildest dreams. Hsiao takes on on a ride through his own ideals and his fantasies, shown in his MV for <狂想曲 Wild Dreams>, which features him practising martial arts in some sort of whimsical wonderland of shapes and colours. Hsiao, known for his self-taught drum skills has played the drum parts for all songs in the album, and this album features 4 bonus tracks which are written by him, as well as input on some of the other tracks. Not only does Hsiao show off his unique vocals in the Rock genre, this album contains chart-topping ballads such as <複製人 Clone>, as well as other songs in his own whimsical and childish style.  The album plays and mixes effortlessly different genres of music, such as Bossa Nova and Free and Easy in <话不多 Quiet> and more noticeably rock and pop combinations such as <敷衍 Perfunctoriness>.