Album Information

Album Name: To Hebe

Release Date: September 2010

Track List

01. Love?
02. To Hebe
03. 離島 Leaving Island
04. 沒有管里員的 公寓
05. 我對不起我
06. 寂寞寂寞就好
07. 你太猖狂
08. 超級瑪麗
09. 給小孩
10. Love!

Album Review

HEBE TIEN 田馥甄, a member of one of the Chinese music industry’s finest and most popular girlbands S.H.E has released her long-awaited solo album, <To Hebe>. With her strong voice and love for music, the album is a pleasure to listen to.  The album is well-engineered, with most of the songs expressing Hebe’s views on love, such as <Love?> and the creatively rock-arranged longer version <Love!> . <離島 Leaving Island>, a slow ballad with guitar infused themes, creates a pure and oceanic atmosphere. The sincere <To Hebe> expresses Hebe’s views on love and life. The duet with fellow singer Yoga Lin <給小孩> is a sentimental piece infused with jazz elements and instrumental influences. Chart topper <寂寞寂寞就好> is a crowd pleaser, a rock ballad showing off Hebe’s unique style that only she can pull off.