Album Information

Album Name: Miss Elva 蕭灑小姐

Release Date: September 2010

Track List

01. 蕭灑小姐 Miss Elva
02. 狂想曲 Wild Dreams
03. 完整我 (抱緊你序曲) Intro Rap版 Complete Me
04. 抱緊你 Hug Me Tight
05. 讓愛飛起來 Let Love Fly
06. 瘦瘦瘦瘦 Skinny Skinny Skinny Skinny
07. 玩笑 Fool
08. 大說謊家 Big Liar
09. 錯的人 The Wrong Person
10. 雙面女神 Two-Faced Goddess
11. 夢境I Dream I~Show Me Your Way Intro Piano版
12. 夢境II Dream II~I Am Not Afraid

Album Review

By Jocelle Koh

Elva’s back with her newest CD, with a fan-favourite: her androgynous image, and this CD contains many dance tracks, such as < 蕭灑小姐 Miss Elsa> and the techno style < 讓愛飛起來 Let Love Fly>. As her 11th album, her record company has created numerous new looks for her, and also instore for fans are songs written and produced by Elva herself, showing numerous contributions to the album creation-wise. The album not only has numerous dance anthems , but also slower tracks which show off her rich and strong voice, such as <錯的人 Wrong Person>, which has proven itself a KKBOX favourite not only in Taiwan, but in other countries as well. It also includes <瘦瘦瘦瘦 Skinny Skinny Skinny Skinny>, which has interesting lyrics, criticsing the idea of dieting, coupled with a dance theme.